Have you struggled with food? Are you prone to binge eating? Is your stomach bloated all the time? Are you tired of following endless diet after diet without ever seeing real results that actually last longer than a few weeks?

Pretty sure you probably said yes to a few of these questions. And that is no surprise as the majority of people out there struggle to break the cycle of endless diets. Not surprising either because the food we are eating is literally making us sick.

About four years ago I found out that the food I put on my plate was way more important than I ever thought possible. I didn’t grow up eating healthy food. My mum hated cooking and just diligently put out plate after plate of uninspired vegetables that had been cooked to pulp. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I discovered the love for cooking and it was much much later than that before I discovered it was doing more for my health than I had anticipated.

Four years ago I followed my first whole30 and it was an eye opener. Many whole30’s followed and in the beginning it made the struggle and the questions of what to eat bigger. It’s still an ongoing struggle as it is so hard to stay on course!

And then shit happened

In December of 2015 I got into a major accident while dog sledding in Norway. I crushed my right ankle, broke my left ankle and broke a rib too. I spend the next half year in bed and/or a wheel chair and it wasn’t all that certain that I would ever walk properly again. The doctors gave me a 95% change of the bone dying. Not a good prospect. But I did whatever I could to heal the bone: eat food that was reportedly good for bones, ate supplements to get the ball rolling and did my exercises while lying in bed. It was all I could do.

In the hospital in Norway just after it happened

Limping along

Even after I managed to surprise everyone by being able to walk – well limp – after 6 months it was still a struggle to get around. I couldn’t do much and had to use crutches most of the time. One and a half year later I was walking without crutches but still not good enough for my taste. I decided to do another whole30 to lose some of the weight that had crept up because of being so immobile and because I had been feeling sorry for myself (read: eat too many snacks and sugary stuff)

After those 30 days I realised that walking was easier. Not only because I lost the weight but changing my food intake was having a dramatic effect on my ankle. It was less painful, I could walk without a limp and I could walk for longer and further than ever possible before!

That alone was enough proof for me that this was the way forward and even though I haven’t been eating perfect since than I try and stay on the course. I just know that if I eat off plan too long my ankle comes back with a vengeance. It will never be as good as it was but at least I can function and walk!

Paleo food

Paleo? Isn’t that the cavemen diet? Well yes that is also what it is called but to be honest, I couldn’t care less what our ancestors ate. It’s not about that for me. For me paleo stands for eating pure and whole foods, delicious fruits and vegetables, sustainable meat and sea food . It does NOT involve gorging on endless steaks or pieces of meat. Which is what a lot of people still think is synonymous with paleo. It’s in the basis a plant based diet, so I eat lots of those. And I am in no way perfect. I believe in the power of balance. When I am out and about or having dinner with friends I might eat something totally not paleo, but because my diet is mostly healthy I feel that is ok to do. Life is not only about making good food choices. It’s also about social engagement and having fun. And food freedom! The ability to make an informed decision what you put in your mouth. And it’s ok to eat that totally delicious cupcake your grandma prepared just for you. You should not feel guilty about your food choices. That’s just counter productive.

I know I still struggle with that. I have period where my choices are less than ideal. And then I feel the guilt. Which I hate, so it is still a learning process for me too! But getting closer every day.

Whole30 magic

I’m right now busy getting approved as whole30 certified coach at the moment as I want to help other people realize their full potential too.

You’ll find recipes here and – soon – there will be meal plans and schedules you can follow for your own whole30. More to come soon!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a note through the contact form below. Love to hear from you!

PS. I started The Paleo Girl on June 1st 2018. You will find older posts here which are transferred from my other website In Simone’s Kitchen.

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