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Well hello there!

It always feels kind of weird to start a post knowing that probably no one will read it as the site is just a few hours old. But it seemed only fitting to start with my own – still ongoing – journey into paleo food.


It must have been somewhere in the middle of 2014 that I read about the whole30 for the very first time. I had briefly heard about paleo food before but deemed it complete nonsense and definitely not something I’d be interested in. But I followed this girl online and she talked and raved about the whole30. It would be the perfect way to reset your eating habits and since that was a major struggle for me, I started reading up on it. And – spontaneous as I am – I decided to give it a go.

I was lucky enough that my significant other half decided to join in the fun and so we started our very first whole30 together. 30 days of torture. Hahaha.. Well, truth be told I didn’t think it was such a good time, although I started to feel better pretty quickly. But those first two weeks were not fun!!

We finished strong and feeling amazing. We had both lost a fair bit of weight. I think I lost 8 kilo at the time and I was convinced I would keep eating this way in a moderate fashion.

Life happens

But as things go, you find out that it is not so easy keeping up the good spirit and before I knew it I was back to where I came from and back to my former weight and feeling miserable.

So we did another whole30, and another, and another. I think by now I have done 7 whole30’s although I did lose count along the way. Slowly but surely my in between periods are changing too. At first the thought of not eating bread anymore filled me with dread and a very strong ‘Hell NO!’ reaction. But as we speak I hardly eat bread anymore. I do eat it on occasion when I am out with friends and it is just more convenient to not be “the difficult one”.


In december of 2015 I suffered a major accident while dog sledding in Norway. I crushed my right ankle, broke my left and broke a rib. That meant I couldn’t walk for about half a year. Having to stay in a bed for the first three months and being in a wheelchair for the months after that. It was hard. Very hard. Also because the doctors gave me a very very slim chance of ever being able to walk normal again. I did quickly prove them wrong but walking was difficult for the first 1,5 year. I could walk but I had a limp and loads of pain.

And that’s the inside of my ankle. ( screws and a plate to hold it all together

And then we did another whole30

But because I had gained quite a bit of weight, feeling sorry for myself and eating a lot of crap, I wanted to do another whole30. And so I did. And apart from feeling better overall, as by magic I could walk without that limp. I could walk longer without too much pain and people that didn’t know me, would never guess there was something wrong.

That was the point where I realized that food was even more important than I already knew. And it became even more important to stick to a healthy eating pattern.

I’m not there yet. I still have food cravings or I can eat really bad or just eat everything in the cup board but my mindset is slowly shifting and I will be documenting my journey here. As well as plenty of delicious recipes to keep you entertained of course. 🙂

It’s gonna be highs and lows people, so don’t expect a perfect picture here.! So welcome to The Real food blog and hope to see you soon too!




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