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Ok, so now when to start? #whole30

God, how hard can it be to come up with a startdate for my whole30?? Initially I thought this week but coming friday we have our (two monthly) cooking club so I figured I’d go for the monday after.

So that would be May 11th. I have a shoot planned on the 13th but I could manage that I figured. A birthday party on the 24th and a workshop on the 23rd. All not ideal but manageable. And than I find out I have a bread baking workshop planned on the 16th! Shiiiiit… That sucks…. We’re doing the workshop with a couple of friends and we’ve been planning it forever so I can’t really cancel on them at this point.

Of course I can say I am not going to be eating bread… Not sure how to do this yet. I really don’t want to postpone it to a date after the 16th. I’m sure there will be other obstacles along the way, so it’s better to get it over and done with. I just have to think of a contingency plan for things like this. Technically the reason I am doing the whole30 is to check if whatever I eat is responding to my back problem, so I do have a rather good health reason to not eat bread.

I had the back issue before and it responded to clean eating at the time too. So after discussing e options with my GP we decided it would be worth checking out to see if this works again before doing surgery or something more dramatic.

Anyway, I will be going for the 11th!!


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