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Whole30 2018 day 3 till 5 – sleeping like a rose

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Day 3 to 5

Funny how it is almost a week already. Not counting that first day that went completely wrong, I am going strong. I don’t feel the need to go off plan at all. I guess it probably helps that we were mostly eating paleo before starting. I know from experience that it is vastly different when you come from a place of less good food.

Sleeping like a rose

What I have noticed is that my sleep quality has improved over the last couple of days. Being in the meno pause it is tricky with sleep and I’ve suffered many a night of insomnia as a result, so I am really happy that I’m sleeping better. Still having hot flushes but they seem a little less intense. But that could be wishful thinking at this point.


Up to this point I haven’t done any exercise yet. So it is time I step up that part as I need it and I know my body performs better when I have a bit of muscle tone. So this saturday I’ll be going into the gym. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I will not be sharing daily updates as there is just not enough interesting things to report on a daily basis. Instead I’ll group a few days together as I go along. Over time I will be sharing a mealplan for the whole30 so it’ll be easy to just follow that if you wish to do so.


I found a whole30 compliant fruit and nut bar here. Happy that I did, as it can be hard to find something when you’re on the road. In general the food in the gas stations is really not much compliant stuff. If you’re really lucky they might have little snack bags with carrot or apple but those always taste funky so not sure what they put in. I stocked up on a few Nak’d bars which only contain cashew and dates. Just those two ingredients so perfect for some emergency food.

I did eat a bit too many nuts yesterday. I baked some myself in coconut oil, salted them lightly and had them as a snack but I have to keep that to a minimum as I know nuts is one of my weaknesses!

Other than that going strong! I did have a delicious soup yesterday from Nomnompaleo. It’s this Tom Kha Gai soup. I can recommend it!

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