Day to day/ Whole30

Whole30 – Day 1 – That did NOT go as planned!

After a weekend of way too much wine and way too much food, I am so ready to get started with my whole30. Really looking forward to it!

I had a cooking battle in Germany prior to today with a few foodbloggers and it was great fun, but like I said it was filled with too much of everything. I feel like crap too right now. Possibly also due to the above.

I doesn’t get any more not compliant than this…

Tom was so sweet to make me my first breakfast. A simple one with eggs, some courgette and spinach but it will keep me full till lunch time!

I had a shoot today so thankfully it featured quite a lot of veggies so lunch was pumpkin soup, some grilled salmon and veggies I pick from different dishes. I forgot to take photo of that but it wasn’t all that eventful.

From there on it all went wrong…. I had a business meeting scheduled at 5 pm. I was invited there and I would have to taste the dishes they sell in their store. I knew it would be trouble as it would be weird to go there and not taste anything. I had thought about not going at all but like I said, it was business, so I sort of had to go. It started of wrong as I was offered a cold tea which turned out to be sweetened with sugar. Than it went on to a small Mexican dish with corn and beans and rice and from there I figured I might as well start over tomorrow.

Or well maybe this….

I don’t have any more events like this one planned this month, other then dinner with friends but that’s ok. I can pick what I want to eat there plus I can tell them I am doing a whole30. This one was just unfortunate and very poor planning from my part. Good thing that it happened on day 1 and not on day 30! (I wouldn’t have gone if it was day 30!!)


Menu for today:

  • Omelette with veggies
  • Pumpkin soup with piece of salmon and veggies
  • Too much not compliant stuff to mention

Back to day 1 tomorrow!

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