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Whole30 day #12 – And a new design

And? How do you like the new layout of the blog? Good, bad, ugly? I’ve been wanting to change the layout to a more Pinterest style look for a while now but couldn’t really find the right template. This time it is the template I am using on almost all my sites Prophoto. It previously wasn’t compatible with the translation plugin and it didn’t have threaded commenting either. Maybe not a big thing but in the grand scheme of things I was excited that they had a fabulous new upgrade. So here it is. It still needs a bit of tweaking here and there. Some info to be filled out but overall everything should be up and running….

Let me know what you think!

As for the whole30; not much to report at the moment. We’re going through the motion and eating quite well but it’s not very exciting right now. I am missing the flexibility of planning to eat grains, dairy and such… Yes I ,know you can eat great on paleo but this is way stricter… O well, almost halfway through and weight definitely is coming off! We’re not doing a weigh-in until after we are finished but I think it’s gonna be good….:)

Energy levels are ok. I sleep really well most of the time so that’s good!

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