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Whole30 – Day 6-10

Whole30 day 6-10 |

One third done!

Yes!! I am 1/3 of the way to finishing my whole30! Whiehoo! Things are actually cruising along quite smoothly. All the struggling I had keeping to the plan before seem to be not there right now. Having said that; I do realize I still have 20 days to go so anything can happen in between.

It helps that we eat paleo most of the time anyway, so converting to a whole30 is not hard. Or at least not as hard as it used to be when I was still eating loads of sandwiches and things like that.

I found a whole30 compliant nut- and fruitbar I use as an emergency food. I didn’t have those in previous rounds and I do found it can be really handy to have. Not that I have one very day but there are times when I am out and about and have no time to prepare a meal. In such situations it can be really nice to have something to nibble on. Of course with things like that it is always tricky to make sure you’re not using it as a substitute to chocolate bars.. 🙂

Survived the first social event

Yesterday my father in law came for dinner, so that was the first social event while I’m on the whole30. We had to think a bit on what to make. Technically it is not that hard to prepare a whole30 dinner, but in this case, time was limited so we prepared a taco ‘feast’. We made pulled chicken from the slowcooker with chipotle and tomato sauce, minced meat with Mediterranean flavours, lettuce wraps for me and regular wraps for everyone else. A large bowl of guacamole, fresh bell peppers, tomatoes and some other bits and pieces. Worked perfectly!

Bloat disappearing

I can also feel that my stomach bloat is disappearing. My waistline is reappearing too… 😉  All good!

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